Interested in Being a Part of a
Real Estate Revolution?
Want to know what it's like to work at Smart Choice?
We aren’t just out to change the real estate world for consumers, but we want to change the real estate game for Realtors too!  We strive to create an environment of success and believe there is enough business out there for everyone.  We want you to be proud of where you work and what it stands for.   We don’t want to simply grow our numbers. We want strategic grow with the RIGHT people who get what we’re about and where we’re heading.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

Competitive Compensation Plans

We offer two different plans for agents depending on where you are in your career. Both plans feature: No desk fees, optional health insurance coverage, and transaction support from contract to close.

Our goal is for our agents to close at least 24 deals a year (that’s only 2 per month!) and make over $85,000!


We believe the right training is crucial to any agent’s success.  When you join our team, we will set up a schedule for bringing you up to speed on how our office functions from dropbox to zipforms to docusign.  We’ve got systems for everything!  The initial training will take about 2 weeks.

We also have weekly team meetings with subjects varying from “How to negotiate the best deal for your client” to “How to save more on your taxes when you’re an independent contractor”.  We never want boring, waste of time sales meetings.  We want to teach you something and keep you informed of company news including new/upcoming listings.

Not only do we have weekly training at our sales meetings, but the Broker in Charge meets monthly with individual sales agents to make sure they are staying on top of their goals.  At this meeting you review your numbers, business plan and strategy for reaching your goals.

Wait, did we say business plan?  Yes, we did.  When someone joins our team we will create a plan for you to reach your goals.  We believe failure to plan is planning to fail.  Each year in November, as a team we will review our annual business plans for the upcoming year.


Because we are growing by around 30% each year, this creates amazing opportunities for growth within the company. Based on experience and tenure, you may look to grow from a buyer’s specialist to a listing specialist to a trainer to a franchisee!  We also have office support positions, which as we grow, will allow for higher pay and management opportunities.

We want to be one of the top flat fee firms nationwide.


Every agent wants to know about leads!  We totally get it  First of all, we don’t buy internet leads.  Did you know the conversion rate for internet leads is only 1-2%?  That’s an incredible waste of time in our opinion.  That means you have to speak to 100 people just to get 1 or 2 buyers?  Ridiculous.  There’s a better way to do business.

So here’s the unique beauty about our company model.  Our model attracts sellers to us without a ton of advertising expense.  Most of our clients are referrals from past clients.  This in turn, 1) creates buyers who must use us to purchase their next home and 2) creates a ton of listing inquiries from sign calls to emails.

The more people know about us, the more we grow, which is where you come in.  The more people on our team who believe in what we do, the bigger we will grow because you will help spread the word.


So What’s the First Step?

If you’re interested in joining our company, you’ll need an Active NC Real Estate License.  We also need you to take the following personality profile and email your results to   Don’t worry, this is for informational purposes only and will help us with the initial interview.  Along with your DISC reports, we’d also like you to send us a copy of your resume briefly describing your work history and real estate experience.


Our hiring process is a bit unique (just like our firm is).  As we mentioned, we don’t take anyone and everyone.  We only want agents who fit into our culture and understand the benefits of our model.  We want it to be just like a sales transaction, a win/win for everyone.  The entire hiring process, from start to finish, will take about two to three weeks.  After receiving your inquiry, we will contact you if we think you may be a good fit to set up an initial interview with our Office Manager.  If that goes well, the Office Manager will schedule a second interview with the entire team.  If the team feels like you’re a great fit, we’ll then begin the onboarding process.  This will include:

  • Social media announcements
  • Creating your website bio
  • Ordering your business cards
  • Setting up your training schedule
  • Constructing a business plan tailored to your strengths and personality

What you will need:

  • A professional headshot (if you don’t have one already, we can recommend photographers).
  • A laptop or personal computer at home
  • A “Can Do” positive attitude

We're Not Your Average Real Estate Firm