Selling your home withSmart Choice Realty

Everyone’s first question for us is “What’s the difference between your firm and a traditional one like Allen Tate, Coldwell Banker, etc?” The second question is “What’s the catch?” and the last is usually “Where do I sign up?” We’ve tried to answer all your questions here so read on.

$1,000 gets you everything you need to have your house listed everywhere you want, all the materials you can use to present your home to everyone who’s interested, and the kind of negotiating savvy it takes to get the sales price you deserve.

What’s My Home Worth?

To receive a free market analysis with an estimate of your property’s value, just fill in the form below. We’ll provide information on sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood, as well as a range of approximate value for your home. If you’d like a more precise estimate, we can arrange to tour the property with you; all information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.